Because he is still determined to get this working on the MSI boards. Best Regards Bo Eriksson. Granted, it is better than not working at all, but we were originally looking at getting semi-high performance with stock settings. The Q-tec has 20A. No official BIOS will fix this. Feb 12, Posts: It very well may be.

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I had to put. Without a bunch of the stuff I have connected it boots flawlessly. I’m going to their site after this to check if they have updated it, because it’s dual-bios system kicks in at these failed power on boot problems and should ‘revert’ to base settings, but it always reverts to Athlon And we are already running this at 2.

Well, It seems November is over already, because even if this is rated only 4 to 8 Ampere higher than the previous tried PSU’s, and depending how you count, This PSU is rock solid with this system! My friends Corsair-memories are due here on Tuesday, so then we can check this in greater depths, but fact is still that my Gigabyte card had no troubles at all Tue Nov 18, Even so, most chipset vendors are giving their full support to Socket-A and the three major AMD motherboard chipset manufactures have all released their latest incarnations.


MSI K7N2 Delta-ILSR, Socket A, AMD Motherboard | eBay

Hmm, the last time I tested CL2. Best Regards Bo Eriksson. Mon Nov 10, 2: This Gigabyte motherboard had a few surprises in store.

Seems the Chieftec has problems with getting the momentary peaks out to serve all this at start-up. So I want to keep it.

Fri Nov 21, One problem is that the fsb Athlons are newer than the Bios even on the Gigabyte. I thought you died of lower intestinal discomfort. Introduction With the Ahtlon 64 looming in the horizon, it looks like the Socket-A platform is on its last lap.

My friend got the thing started again with Safe-mode dslta.

MSI K7N2 Delta-ILSR, Socket A, AMD Motherboard

Jul 1, Posts: More in this very same thread later But once I got the heads-up on the 12Volt capacity thing I realised that I did not want to feel that I had to walk on the edge of the PSU’s capacity anymore, so I ordered a proper PSU on Thursday already, because I saw all this coming even before trying.

The DDR-voltage has only three steps. The reason we went for Gigabyte is not mainly our aversion against Abit and Asus, but we considered all on general opinions about Nforce2 motherboards, and looking at the GA-7NNXP you really have to get really impressed. Why whine about overvoltage? I called back and wondered what the hell was going on. Now today, just some 30 minutes ago. One solution that probably had worked with both PSU’s is to disconnect the Gigabyte DPS-board, but that feature is kind of what convinced me to get this board in the end.


Check out the specifications below and go over to the next few pages to see how it compares with the recently reviewed Soltek SLFRN2.

Boot fine to bios. Thu Nov 13, 8: Because he is still determined to get this working on the MSI boards.

MSI K7N2 DELTA ILSR and Barton 3000+ 400 Mhz problems.

I’d been looking at getting a new motherboard, and I had been considering an nForce 2 board. There is no shortcuts to a stable environment. That would be mso to foresee since the Ahtlon XP has an impressive CPU line-up and the platform itself could easily last through the next year.