I’m a real noob, started with Reaper a week ago and now trying Ableton but I really am green at this. I seem to have the same problem, I was changing my audio preferences according to the tutorial and while doing that I was listening music. I can’t hear my voice, but who cares? Forgive my ignorance but the asio4all You didn’t say what audio app you’re going to recommend to this person.

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A sound card glossary – What you need to know – PC World

Thu May 26, 5: Print this page Loading page, please wait As a result, your viewing experience will be diminished, and you may not be able djrectx execute some actions.

Reason adapted is another option and if I buy Recycle I get theb adapted spftware for free. Usually, MME drivers provide about ms latency. Wed May 25, Reply Quote 0 1 Reply Last reply. Anyway, the M-Audio does have drivers that support 98SE and you just simply direcfx beat the price for what it does.

Did you try using his current system with mmee asio4all drivers? Musical Instrument Digital Interface is an almost year-old standard for synthesisers and other electronic musical devices to communicate.


A sound card glossary – What you need to know

I don’t even think it would be as good as a soundblaster which is saying something but it does have a GM synth onboard which is at least something and a set of speakers attached to the side of his Dorectx monitor.

Asio is way better than direct x.

Thanks, I don’t know the processor speed. ABN 14 Once you have the in your machine, the audio app that you would have to use probably wouldn’t support ASIO anyway.

This is usually defined in terms of decibels dB. Some cards may or may not have any or all of these available. I did not come across this. Forgive my ignorance but the asio4all A good SNR is usually around the dB range. P5 would be an option but may hit trouble early on, Cubasis is another option. I still have Cakewalk Pro Audio 9, which would run under 98SE just fine; maybe you have such things laying around as well.


I’m a real noob, started with Reaper a week ago and now trying Ableton but I really am green at this.

Mon May 02, If i understand you try play via MME realtime? Thu Jan 20, 8: I altered many settings to no avail. Using DirectX drivers for a sound card usually reduces the latency experienced with games, video playback or audio applications.

Thu Jan 20, 5: Pretty much, I think. This delay is usually measured in milliseconds, with 12ms being considered acceptable for real dirctx audio applications. I have never been able to get control of a soundcard once Live has started i am using xp.

Copyright IDG Communications. This is an old technology, available only on Windows 3. A sound card glossary – What you need to know.

But the M-Audio drivers will give you all the options, so at least you have something to work with.