Here is the link: I did have some issues with the card being seated properly in the PCIe slot. Can you work that changes at latest bios ver 1. It would be great if you can test it. There were problems with OSX with the first patch which is why the second one exists. What am I missing?

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Any pointers would be appreciated. Problems Only modifying register df[1: Net and its accuracy. Such opinions may not be accurate and they are to be used at your own risk. It would be great if you can test it.

Do i need to fix a checksum value as well? The bytes that were changed here are x86 code that reads the PCI configuration register and does something with the value.

JMicron JMB363 eSATA Controller Drivers

Here is the link: The original bytes were e8 xx xxwhere e8 is the opcode for the Jmb36xx instruction, and the bit immediate operand is the relative branch target. I did not experiment with the values of these bits except for toggling bit 6. Many thanks for the modded ROM. You might try looking through the Linux kernel sources to see if the driver for the 88SE gives any clues as to how the chip works….


I also used pcicfg in DOS to check the card was detected. Those three bytes used to be a function call to a function that would read a byte from the PCI configuration space register diand return the result in cl.

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Or do I just leave it alone? Can we get an update for firmware v1.

Only modifying register df[1: I replaced 3 bytes with b1 02 I want to boot an ide hd from a jmb card. These configuration registers seem to control the hardware directly.

Option ROM not enabled by setting df[6], so the disks are not bootable. I wouldn’t want to do anything to my computer that i would later regret. There is indeed a checksum byte. The edits are in x86 machine code.

BTW i am trying to set ide mode so i simply changed the 3 instances of b1 to 91 trying to put sata interface into legacy mode and set the jjb36x.


What is J Micron JMB 36x?

Unfortunately, I do not know enough about hex editing to find where to patch. Thank you for your time. You know if it is possible?. With df[6] set, the mixron ROM does not detect any disks, despite spending several minutes.

Thousands of users waiting to help! Advice regarding this matter is greatly appreciated. Seems to take values of 0xc2 jjb36x 0x Those connected at boot were not detected. The sum of all bytes in the file should be 0x This is done the same way as with any other disk.