Educational Software Teaching Tools. See what they will do for you is my advise. Register a new account. They will have to do something. This will only run on a bit operating system. Not saying you were using a pirated version of Mastercam, just what I have seen. The only time I get a dropped license is if I have X6 and V9 open at the same time.

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Mastercam FAQ

As I said “valid seat”, its not yours so fogetaboutit! If the mastercan has the Nethasp Monitor installed, you can easily stop and restart the service without having to re-boot the server which isn’t always convenient. Perhaps you uninstalled CodeMeter and then later re-installed CodeMeter and the settings got changed during that process. Once in the files page, click on “replace” and scroll through the machine list to find the correct machine you would like to use.

Mastercaj sign in with one of these services. The SIM tells Mastercam exactly what functions you are licensed to run and what functions you cannot run. There are problems but are minimal.

Welcome to eMastercam

Have you checked the folder where the code needs to go and seen if there is code in that folder? Not sure what they were due to. Have things changed any in the last couple of years?


You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Mastedcam just be an MC srevice re-start. On windows 10 need to look in the device manager and see if the HASP is showing up.

Reasonable prices, extremely competent and totally professional. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. As Todd mentioned increasing the timeout helps.

Posted April 15, Where on a USB hasp, it’s basically a stand alone. Choose a Mastercam version from the drop down list.

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Mastercam Hasp not found! – Industrial Forum –

If it is then need to do a repair and it should fix the issue. This utility will install the Mastercam Activation Wizard. I think ive heard less over the last few years about having to reboot the server to let go of licenses, with was an issue years mxstercam when i first set one up. Gotta break out the ol whip every now and again.

Our goal is to provide superior software products based on our users’ needs to solve simple to complex design and machining problems. Simply double click the code file and you will see a message that says “Hasp updated successfully”. Originally Posted by stucapco.


Custom posts that had been locked to our old license and to be reconfigured. Click the “Analyze” button to check for licensing problems. You must have HASP drivers installed to run this executable. Of course this problem only happens after 5PM and on weekends. Posted July 7, If I close V9, X6 will come back mastercaj say the license has been discontected and give me one chance to save my work.

Hasp vs. NetHasp? – Industrial Forum –

Well, as I said if its a valid seat you paid for it they will pound you to upgrade. Also, there’s been a slightly noticable lag in performance in working ver the network. I just tried posting to a setup sheet on the other machine on the network not the mastrecam that the HASP is plugged into and it worked fine. Theres a several guys here that use it without a hitch.