Keyvan Mir Mohammad Sadeghi, so your hardware may be tracked, could you please file a new report by executing the following in a terminal while booted into a Ubuntu repository kernel not a mainline one via: Unifying Receiver Bus Device And this is what I did: Additionally attempting to connect to any of the three listed connections will cause the system to hang on shutdown, as well as any attempt to read the state of the network. Shane, as per http: You will need to install both the linux-image and linux-image-extra. Marvell WiFi on Surface Pro 2 does not work in a fresh install of

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This bug affects 4 people.

ARM: exynos_defconfig: Enable Marvell WiFi-Ex support – Patchwork

Not sure if it’s the same problem here but with I had the same issue in For more on BIOS updates and linux, please see https: And this is what I did: Marvell products are featured components in the following wireless markets: Joseph, The mainline kernel didn’t fix the issue.

It is important that you create new questions related to the Colibri iMX8X sample in this space. Driver Downloads Download the latest Marvell drivers for your specific device or application. Bing Zhoa provides a patch http: It is nice to upgrad the kernel past 3. To change the source package that this bug is filed about visit https: I emailed Bing Zhao in hopes he can chime in on the bug report.


This bug affects 16 people. Thank you for your understanding.

Marvell based wifi module using SDIO | NXP Community

Marvell wireless solutions build upon more than a decade of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth silicon, system and software design expertise. The drivers mentioned in the post marvel already in place: Penalver penalvch wrote on If you are unable to test the mainline kernel, for example it will not boot, please add the tag: I can connect using mlan0 but not uap0.

Follow Follow this Question. Wireless Connectivity Mmarvell Marvell wireless solutions build upon more than a decade of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth silicon, system and software design expertise.

Bluetooth 5 enables connections to remote controls, headsets and speakers. Tony, have you started one yet?

Apalis iMX8 Early Access Program (Confidential)

Penalver penalvch wrote on Would wifj-ex be possible wifi–ex you to test the latest upstream kernel? Ubuntu Foundations Team Bug Bot crichton wrote on So I’ve noticed that the patch that was applied via Bug is the same one that I tried compiling myself a while back.


I apologize if it reached you inappropriately; please just reply to this message indicating so. It seems that your bug report is not filed about a specific source package though, rather it is just filed against Ubuntu in general.

Wifii-ex Clark web-brandon wrote on From the enterprise to the connected home and car, Marvell wireless solutions deliver design flexibility and reliability for a multitude of applications. Didn’t get as far, you had more sucess than I. Marvell 88W Surface Pro wifi does not work 3.

I had some trouble myself. I’ll give it a try when I can and get back with the results.