Ubuntu isn’t going to see the wireless card until the drivers are sorted out. June 29th, 2. Suppongo che sia un problema del kernel che usi…. Find More Posts by ajlewis2. A questo punto mi trovo la seguente situazione ndiswrapper -l bcmwl5: Could you post me your ndiswrapper version and your inf and sys files?

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Suppongo che sia un problema del kernel che usi… prova a lanciare da root questo comando: Unless I’m actually using it, I don’t see a reason for my internet connection to be on. Grazie e a marveell Renzo. I can still see my two wireless networks but like I said, no internet. That should install the driver.

You can test it by trying to go to a site by IP address. They hope these examples will help you to get a better understanding of the Linux system and that you feel encouraged to try out things on your own.


marvel The 2 wireless bars are normal. If no, you just have to configure everything by hand: My wired network works just fine. Internal error opening cache 1.

I have heard of people using ndiswrapper but I don’t how to use it and I haven’t been able to find the driver. I read about his suggestion online as well on message boards and couldn’t follow through.


Provided that this Code:. Join Date Sep Beans Molto grazie, mio ASUS lavora come diavollo! Mediterra old blog from th when you could download drivers in 2 minutes. Yep, going to subsribe to this thread. But now, when I do ‘modprobe mrv8k’ I get this in dmesg:. Linux Power User Bundle.


Download the last ndiswrapper from here http: Then I do some updates and restart my machine. Also, if you would be interested in testing the upcoming Intrepid Ibex 8.

You shouldn’t have any trouble getting to your desktop now. If not, then you have to enter a working Mwrvell number into the setup for your marrvell. My wired network works just fine. I’ve spoken with Bing Zhao from Marvell and he told me that, just like you are saying, mlan0 and uap0 are to blame.


Plus, notice your wireless gauge DHCP resolution is hella faster than anything Ubuntu was doing on it’s own. When I try to connect to one the icon in the upper right corner changes marvell w those two computer marvell w to wireless bars. I struggled with this and stumbled across this.

Thanks for your reply Paolo. Everything works mostly fine out of the box with the exception of the wireless adapter. Any help will be appreceated.

The HDD isn’t active. Registration is quick, simple and absolutely marvell w Anything is fair game.