If the LED lights for one second, the erasing has been successfully completed. Transmission distances may be reduced depending on communication environment. Use the following guidelines to set the X-Curve according to your room size: Programming a Multi operation or a shutdown sequence. However, Display Power Off will activate the settings set forth in step 7 below. Only then can a product feature the THX Select2 Plus logo, which is your guarantee that the Home Theatre products you purchase will give you superb performance for many years to come. Most digital components also have analog connections.

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Depending on the speaker placement of your room you may actually experience a decrease in the amount of bass due low frequency cancellations. After the Acoustic Calibration Equalization is set, you are given the option to check the settings on-screen.

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See the list of file formats that can be played back on this receiver page If any zone is on, the sleep timer continues functioning. Using the Home THX modes. Dual mono is not widely used, but is sometimes necessary when two languages need to be sent to separate channels.

For example, to tune to Checking the MAC address. Simply choose an unused preset for now you can rename it later in Data Management on page Adjusting the speaker orientation Speaker Setting Guide In order to achieve an even better surround effect, it is important to accurately position the speakers and make their volume and tone characteristics uniform so as to finely focus the multi-channel sound.


Bi-Amping setup Bi-amping connection of the front speakers for high sound quality with 5. When you set up your lumatroon theater system using all eight speaker outputs Left, Center, Right, Surround Right, Surround Back Right, Surround Back Left, Surround Left and Subwoofer lukatron the two Surround Back speakers close together facing the front of the room as shown in the diagram will provide the largest sweet spot.

The backlight lighting pattern can be selected from among four modes, in consideration of convenience and battery service life. OK appears in the display to indicate that the receiver has been reset to the factory default settings. Peoria, Arizona, United States.

The LAN cable is not firmly connected. If for practical reasons you ulmatron to place the Surround Back speakers apart, you will need to go THX Audio Set-up screen and choose the setting that most closely corresponds to the speaker spacing, which will re-optimize the surround sound-field.

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For DVD-Audio, the speakers lumaron be more directly behind the listener than for home theater playback. Pressing repeatedly will cycle through the sleep options again. Using Front Stage Surround Advance The Front Stage Surround Advance function allows you to create natural surround sound effects using just the front speakers and the subwoofer.


This setting will be applied to all channels during calibration. Remedies Limit the maximum number of levels in a folder to 8 page Multichannel sources are downmixed to stereo. Check the connection settings for components on the network, and consult with your network service provider if necessary page Better sound using Phase Control. SETUP to exit the erasing mode.

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Insert a blank tape, MD, video etc. It is advised that you also refer to the operation manual supplied with your network component. The X-Curve setting acts as a kind of lumagron for home theater listening, and restores proper tonal balance of movie soundtracks. There are two methods of programming: When PURE is selected, the signals are output with the same resolution as when lumatdon see About the video converter on page For an optimal system calibration based on the direct sound coming from the speakers, we recommend using the ms setting.

You will return to the Data Management setup menu. United States and many other countries See details.

To program signals for another component, exit and repeat steps 2 through 4.