Nowadays, “optical mouse” means “all-surface optical mouse”, and you can use them on your desk, on your leg, on your carpet; no problem. Then everything worked, except for the quick-switch button. Shame about MouseWare, but you can always kill it. The is held together by only one screw, and that screw is not under one of the mouse feet, or even hidden under a sticker. Macintosh users, who’ve always had high sample rate mouses, suffer fits of revulsion if confronted with slow PC mouses.

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In Moue Explorer, the MXs were unable to scroll more than about eight steps per second, which meant twirling the wheel with gusto could leave you waiting for what seemed like an age for the page to march up the window and get to the point you ordered. You’re probably used to it by now, but I bet you wish there were a slick, ergonomically shaped mouse for your left hand.

So I’m in the dark about what, if anything, the megapixel number means. All three of the MX-series mouses, like other MouseWare-afflicted products I’ve seen, had weird scroll-wheel behaviour when MouseWare was running. It’s Hz Hertz, samples per second.

Optical mice track motion through a series of tiny pictures taken in quick succession, so more megapixels per second means more accurate movement on screen. The MX and are possibly the sleekest mouses ever made, because their main buttons are seamless. The shape’s the same, but the plastic’s different; the MX ‘s shinier than its cheaper cousin.

Once again, you need peel off no feet. On to the midrange model. It doesn’t hurt to have pixel-by-pixel mouse resolution, and I suppose there might be some small useability gain to be had from a cursor that moves in one pixel steps rather than two or three pixel steps; visual input feedback and all that stuff. Inside, the mouse layout is about as tidy as can be expected, considering all those buttons.


Again, with the logiech on logitecy pad I didn’t encounter any tracking errors, slowdown, or general inaccuracies. The fact that doing the sums from 4. If you read our review of the MXthen you know how impressed we were by Logitech’s new optical engine. The MX Logitech’s stylists are at it again, and have managed to make the MX and which are both the same shape even more avant-garde looking than the previous top-end MouseMan models, such as the Dual Optical Mousee compare with the IntelliMouse Explorer 3.

Logitech MX 300, MX 500 and MX 700 mouses

This would all be for naught if the MX wasn’t fast and accurate. Go and buy one, remember to quit MouseWare before you run your games or just don’t install MouseWare in the first placekogitech enjoy.

The actual pickup chip in the MX and is covered by a plastic brace thing; removing the ‘s brace revealed the chip to be another Agilent product Agilent are what the HP division that developed the original all-surface-optical technology is now called with “A” and “A” stamped on it.

I also obviously use a full spread of general office programs. m300

Techware Labs – Reviews – Logitech MX Optical Mouse

For that, the MX-series mouses are just the thing. And they mluse to be. The two side buttons and the quick-switch button have their switchgear attached to the lid. The MXthough, has something close to Logitech’s basic symmetrical mouse shape; it’s very close in shape to their classic First Mouse Plus.


And, worst still, single scroll steps are occasionally ignored completely; when you step the scroll wheel again, you get two steps in one go. As for resolution, the engine offers dpi, which means you’re fine with any size monitor.

Logitech MX Review – IGN

So let’s check out the next MX. MouseWare, you see, can be Firstly, it’s the only one with real buttons. Cordless mouses need batteries, and most of them aren’t rechargeable; changing batteries is a pain. But for most applications, you don’t need it.

Logitech Mx300 Optical Mouse USB MX 300 930672-0403

This is a four button mouse. This isn’t technologically all that incredible – regular mouses have plastic button hinges, after all – but it does look very cool indeed.

Shame about MouseWare, but you can logitexh kill it. Again, it sure doesn’t hurtand people who are doing photo retouching or CAD or whatever are certainly going to have more use for a super-resolution mouse than people who are doing word processing or spreadsheet work.

I’ve logitsch used to Logitech’s new stiffer scroll wheel, but still prefer the freer rotating wheel on this mouse. Beforeall “optical” mouses needed a special mousepad to work well, they needed one to work well ; the ones with non-reflective mats would generally kind of work on a newspaper photo.