I wonder why any el-cheapo external USB Card reader delivers decent performance, but the built-in reader of my expensive Thinkpad doesn’t? Didn’t do any benchmarks on it though. Goodbye Lorita, wherever you’ve gone I found a workaround on the german ubuntu forums: No registered users and 5 guests.

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Can anyone check persistent- storage.

Goodbye Lorita, wherever you’ve gone SDHCI controller found at This is very interesting. I would feel the same way about a ReadyBoost flash drive dangling off my notebook computer.

Lenovo ThinkPad X60 laptop card reader drivers

I am using feisty here, and I am experiencing the same issue. I want to avoid that, considering it rarely reaedr ever helps problems at the least, it has not ever solved my computer problems. If anyone has heard of this problem before and can tell me what I’m doing wrong I’d really appreciate the help, Thanks. I have this problem too in a Averatec series.

Bug # “On Thinkpad X60s and Z60 SD card reader doesn’t work” : Bugs : hal package : Ubuntu

But, yes, that standard Sandisk card did perform better than that, so that’s not right, either. Comment on this change optional. What were the speed ratings? I think it is not a sdhc issue; the cards having the problem are all 2gb or smaller. Cross-post here, with responses coming in before mine! I’ve tried looking at all the help information of the SD card reader and there are only a few lines indicating it should be plug and use.


SD card reader X61s – Thinkpads Forum

Unfortunately, I can find no specs for the SD slot. Eduardo eduardo-chavarro wrote on I’ve done some quick read tests with: And it doesn’t exist in hardware.

Now this module gets loaded on sys bootup and it works. One of the biggest benefits for flash memory would come from speeding up the boot process. Now I tried to put in some SD cards, but all cards are not working.

Also, there are some compatibility issues I’m waiting to be resolved. I am using Windows Vista. I would think this is hal HAL issue, tho, because udev does make the device node for it. Could you do the file copy test I described above?

Thank you guys for fast resolution. If you look in syslog you get the following error:. This is definitely not a kernel bug, and even if it is, it still happens in feisty, which has 2.


They seem to be the best bargain. SD Card doesn’t get mounted when inserted after boot-up. Timo Kosig tiomo wrote on Anybody try putting high capacity cards in it, like 2GB or 4GB?

Lenovo IBM Thinkpad X60s SD Card reader

Last edited by tinue on Fri Jun 08, dard Alas, SD cards and the like are more and more common. For the moment I’m holding off buying an SD card until I see higher figures. By browsing this website, you consent to the use of cookies.