Page 73 The maximum length for each directive is 64 bytes. After you change settings, click the Submit button to apply the change. The barrel Power connector supports a power range of 9 to 30VDC. Ssl Page Certificate, there is a Delete link. Page 98 – Table Default is bytes. SS” is the time since the EDS booted.

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Line Displays statistics and lets you change the current configuration and Command mode settings for the four serial lines. For more information about Disconnect mode, see Disconnect Mode on page A serial cable for each serial device to be connected to the EDS The default local port is If you click Delete, a message asks whether you are sure you want to delete the current certificate.

Lantronix EDS4100 Network Card User Manual

If you click Delete User, a message asks whether you are sure you want to delete this information. Copy and move files. Page 35 – Figure Password Enter the password associated with the username.


Page of Go. They are not used for configuration purposes. Export System Configuration Page 4: Got it, continue to print.

This implies the data is uploaded over some kind of secure private network. Introduction investment in serial technology, while taking advantage of the highest data-protection levels possible. Query Port Page Table Lantronix Barranca Parkway, Irvine, Plug the other end into an AC wall outlet.

There may be times when you must reboot the EDS for the new configuration settings to take effect. In addition, users can load their own Web pages onto the EDS to facilitate monitoring and control of their own serial devices that are attached to the EDS Digital Certificates come in This page shows the settings for the tunnel selected at the top of the page and lets you change the settings.

This level allows for the management of files in the EDS Browse the filesystem Create files and directories.

It also allows the EDS to be located in areas where power is not typically available. Page 8 Contents Figures Figure Query Port Page The query port server is an application that only responds to auto-discovery messages on port 0x77FE.


Lantronix EDS User Manual – Page 1 of |

Both keys can have the same value. Ssl Page Certificate, there is a Delete link. System Description have a Delete link that lets you delete these settings.

Under Current Configuration, Password has a Delete link. Network Lets you configure the current network interface on the EDS The top section lets you select or enter new configuration settings.

The path and filename appear to the left of the Browse button. Memory Page This read-only page shows the total memory and available memory in bytesalong with the number of fragments, allocated blocks, and memory status.