Moving on to the DM-VH7: Playing with this DM-VH7 thing and making my own blues compilations was so much fun that I’m forced to re-think my hesitancy in relation to this format. The enclosures are blue, with a maple veneer front insert that beautifully matches the top and bottom panels of the VH Moving around to the back, the VH has a host of input and outputs: Moving ahead to the digital tuner section: We’ll start off with the features. Not only that, the tracks being moved don’t have to be adjacent to one another; neither do their destinations.

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Before we go further down the road with this review, I’ve got to tell you, I was quite a skeptic about the whole MD format thing.

Moving around to the back, the VH has a host of input and outputs: Hey Kenwood, is it too late to get the matching cassette deck and subwoofer?

Kenwood RD-VH7 Manuals

Two Toslink digital jacks are included. Bookmark and share with any of the sites below. I calmed things down a bit with a taste of jazz. There is also a mini-stereo headphone jack that automatically cuts off the lenwood. A word to the wise: As I mentioned earlier, I was a big skeptic when it came to the mini-disc format. We’ll start off with the features.

Kenwood VH / DM-VH7 Mini System –

Fabric grilles are included, but these little guys are just too pretty to hide — I left the grilles off while testing the unit for this review. Kenwood has included not only pre-scored speaker wires, but also a vh7pf to position the unit’s feet for horizontal or vertical orientation. I can’t think of a better system suited for the office or bedroom environment.


The brushes vh7ppc the snare underpinning Zoot’s tenor sax were extremely real. However, Kenwood does have a built-in way of working around this low-frequency issue: Okay, okay, just one more CD player feature kenwood if the CD is coded properly, the display will scroll the artist name and track title in text. To tell you the truth, I was actually suprised at the sound quality.

Hooking up the system is a no-brainer. Cosmetically, this unit matches the VH perfectly, right down to the gravity-activated display. There are additional bells and whistles, such as a sleep timer, auto power save function, two daily timers and an OTT timer, which allows you to play back material from a specified source knwood a pre-designated time; the power then completely shuts itself off after one hour.

Playing with this DM-VH7 thing and making kdnwood own blues compilations was so much fun that I’m forced to re-think my hesitancy in relation to this format.

By this time, I was wearing a big smile and wondering just how long I would be able to hang onto this system. Another fun feature is Titling.

Kenwood RD-VH7 Manuals

It also matches up functionally through the use of the system control cable. I tend to make compilation discs with my computer and CDR. The four-and-one-half-inch polypropylene woofer cone comes in a kenwoov of blue that complements the enclosure.


A one-inch metal inverted dome tweeter supports the high end. Sonically, I would have like one more natural bass filter preset, making a total of three.

The enclosure has a front port to release energy that can build up within the enclosure and cause resonance. Introduction This contemporary mini-system isn’t for the faint of heart.

I personally prefer loudspeakers with a flat frequency response, and these bad boys held up really well – not too thin at all, even at low listening levels.

Moving ahead to the digital tuner section: The amplifier section delivers 20 watts per channel, using discrete power amplifier circuitry, and offers a two-position kensood bass feature, which comes in very handy at low listening levels. It also uses bit digital to analog and analog to digital converters not to get too techiewhich means that a “greatest hits” compilation can be produced using your favorite HDCDs.

Those natural bass filters really work. Kenwood has had the foresight to design the units for vertical placement.