Su perSet Menu C odes fo r Applications. You can define certain pushbuttons on your transducer to represent information that is relevant to your task. Roll-Up II 59 Table Send the command one character at a time. Summagraphics Binary Format Low Resolution Binary Format Low resolution binary format conforms to an existing industry standard method of encoding small digitizer coordinate data. Roll-Up II 20 Example: Output occurs only when the transducer is in the active area.

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BI Command causes coordinates to be transmitted in binary format. Be prepared to discuss the observations you made while troubleshooting. Roll-Up II 68 2. Transport ing the Roll -Up II.

LCD Display featuring 16 characters x 2 lines 2. Browse Related Browse Related. It comes with an embedded, permanent menu in the lower-left gtvo corner of the digitizer which looks like this: Page 24 Roll-Up II 24 retained even if the unit is powered off or reset. You will hear four short tones when you successfully save a configuration. Questions or issues with the site?


Serial To USB cable.

M ode Opt ions. On the other hand, ASCII coordinate formats are longer than binary ones, so they take longer to transmit and they occupy more space when stored in memory.

GTCO Roll-Up Parts and Accessories

How can we make this better? Roll-Up II can produce two kinds of binary formats: There are two kinds of flow control: To save the configuration in a user-definable location: Con figuring for Specific App rool-up Prog rams. Page 5 Roll-Up II 5 factory-supplied shipping tube. Install only the drivers necessary for Roll-Up II to work with the application software. Be noted you are considering quickruler only. This item is used so it does show sign of nor Select on the SuperSet Menu.

Seven 7 or Eight 8. The first byte in each format has its high order bit set to 1. To select Point Mode: S 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 P It has dip switches for soft settings under the small removable template.


How To: Configure the GTCO Roll-Up II digitizer

Send the command one character at a time. A Technical Support Specialist will help you resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

Tracing objects and creat Both devices must be set for the same number of data bits. Page 26 Roll-Up II 26 2. Using the Cu stom Co nfiguration Menu.

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Insert the diskette into drive A or B. Click ‘Exclude’ under ‘Line feed’ – a beep may be heard. Page 68 Roll-Up II 68 2. Click ‘2’ – you should hear 4 beeps.