Register a new account. Use this following link to find out your external IP Address. If they do not allow that, go to GeoVision webcam server and assign a different port that is NOT blocked: They will track the change for you. The file is an exe in the Active webcam directory.

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If you plan to install our GV-DSP card Real-time display cardor to use the full screen video mode display videos from cameras only on these motherboards, then you can’t see the image on screen.

Some motherboards have on board VGA chip set that cannot support overlay display mode. Please make sure that the baud rate and camera address is right. Well it appears i have purchased a cheap card, and the software that came with it wont install correctly on a xp home 32bit system.

Download – GeoVision

You should have 8 devices for Also the inputs are not in order they are all mixed up. How can I resolve this? Installation upgrades of SP1 and the use of Windows Update does not remove existing Indeo codecs from your system.

I know what you are talking about when it comes to adding a camera. You run it the first time and select remove all BT drivers and then run bt788 again and choose install BT drivers. IP address changes only when routers are re-configured typically when they add new subscribers.


Under this environment, you can call your network supplier and ask them to open up the ports as listed on FAQ Then from input drop down box I tried all inputs until I saw my picture.

Geovision FAQ

This will force the system to reload the latest version of “LiveX 5. Jeff, I just want to be sure you understood me on how to set up the cameras. Download the patch files to your computer.

The 4 drivers are GVA. For example, February has 28 days and in March when you click the date 29th, 30th and 31st, all files of the three days would not show up in the Video Event List. Then, you can connect other ports at random. If you geovsion get the above drivers installed, there must be some older versions of software in your computer that you need to delete.

Do you know which drivers i need to use to be able to get all 4 channels? Most likely your card has only ONE BT chip, which means it has to ‘switch’ channels to capture from each camera.

If ggeovision want to start up the web cam server with GeoVision, 80 would be the default port.

The Geovision demo site is on all of our Geovision web pages, their office hours are 12 hours ahead of Eastern time. In fact Active webcam, H webcam, and Blue iris all have grayed out menus with bt cards. GV drivers for version 2. Install GeoVision and turn on the computer. I’m an existing customer. Make sure you can see the video using JPEG and mpeg4.


It may turn out that Philips saa cards will give you color controls I am still investigating that. I notice it only has one chip. I need this information to configure my router. If there are multiple disks you’ve selected to record the data, once the first drive free space becomes less than MB, then the recording will jump to the next one, and the next one, and so on.

Posted February 28, If you disable the “Enable full screen mode” feature in the ht878 manual, your video should be OK. In this way, you can get around to the blocked port 80 problem.