We wanted a special role for him as the big brother and he loves taking pictures and video so it seemed natural to get him a decent camera that could be dropped or get wet. Best video results were undoubtedly achieved dropping the resolution back to x at 60fps ; the full HD recordings looked great until any pans, at which point detail and sharpness dropped off significantly. Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook’s The DV1 has on-device software, but it’s Google Picasa, which only handles photos. It’s compact and light in weight and very handy, also easy to use. Review Sections Review Specs. Things that are great about it?

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We say all this because the handheld video camera market appears to be spluttering its last breath. Faced with a page of sums, you’ve probably moved past reaching for a dedicated pocket calculator; you’ll load a calculator app on your phone or even just type the equations gr in to Google. Good results at a great price, so this is fine value — unless your smartphone already does most of this.

It will also do 1, x 1, at 30fps, or you can choose slightly lower, softer resolutions and frame rates. Panning the video camera has a similar effect. For direct-to-Web video clips the DV1 produces passable results. There’s no bundled software for editing or sharing video. With excellent video quality, a long d1 of video, still and time-lapse options and a The GE DV1 rugged minicamcorder is waterproof to 16 feet, shockproof to 5 feet, and dustproof.


Trade In Your Gear for Cash.

GE DV1 pocket camcorder | Geare | Review | AVHub

I tried it and took pics of everything I could think of. A specialised unit like this should theoretically best any comparably priced multi-function device. For Water and shock resistant Decent video quality in good light Not too expensive.

Don’t weep for the fate of single-function devices. It sports much the same form factor as the Flip — a small, portrait aligned nugget with little in the way of controls beyond a vv1 button.

Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Df1 I found this one, looking good, price is better, and it is weather-resistant, a useful feature in Seattle.

Here’s the problem, though: The screen is larger than most in the category, and of a higher pixel density; next to the final generation of Flip cameras, we’re inclined to pick this one every time, though little of it is used for video — over half is dedicated to the settings you’re currently using.

GE DV1 pocket camcorder

An improved design and higher resolution make this better than the original fly, but It comes out just what I expect and more. Your subject needs to be at least 5 feet from the lens to be in focus.


The image quality for video and stills has been great for a point a shoot. I love the fact that you can video and take photos at the same time and it takes 3mp photos at 11fps!!! But, It doesn’t do so well in p at 30p or 60p, it is very ddv1 in both frame rates, and at 60p it will miss a few frames here and there.

It is very easy to use, I like it very much. General Electric DV-1 overview.

General Electric DV-1 reviews. We found them a small step above the most recent generation of Flip cameras, at least in terms of footage in sunlight — footage shot under electric light at night is pretty grainy.

I got this camera on online a few months ago, and this thing films great in p at 30fps. Best Video and Action Cameras for If you are looking for a good camera that you don’t have to worry about, I would recommend xv1 one.

Just set it as you want it, then either record, or press the camera button.

I don’t have to be a techno geek to use it. You want it for High Definition Video.