As an example, this is the portion for the default IBLocal definition:. For example, there is no AfterEdit or BeforePost event. It kind of scares me to see the ” under the Delphi14 dir. So, other than for simple applications, I don’t recommend using the SimpleDataSet component. The dropdown box was empty. The name of each combination is called a connection name. I truely do appreciate it.

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I found it under What really matters for the SQLConnection component is the value of its properties. Technically, some of the moving operations call the CheckBiDirectional internal function and eventually raise an exception. The connection describes the physical database you want to connect to.

Connect dbexpress to Oracle 10g XE – Devart Forums

It’s important to remember that these initialization files are used only at design time. When you add a new SQLConnection component to an application, you can proceed in different ways. CheckBiDirectional refers to the public IsUnidirectional property of the TDataSet class, which you can eventually use in your own code to sqlcnonection operations that are illegal on unidirectional datasets. Because this dialog refers to ‘ The Connection Editor appears, with a drop-down list containing all available drivers, a list of connection names for the currently selected driver, and a table listing the connection parameters for the currently selected connection name.

When you add a new SQLConnection component to an application, you can proceed in different ways.


Post a comment Name It was not in the Components Install packages dialog listing. I had this in a nice outline, but in Preview mode, all formatting is lost.

To define access to a database, editing the connection properties is certainly the suggested approach. The SimpleDataSet component is new in Delphi 7.

Delphi + MySQL + SQLConnection

Next, I looked for a dpk under When you create a new connection, the system will copy the default parameters from the driver; you can then edit them for the specific connection—for example, providing a proper database name. In this respect, the predefined connections are sqlcojnection different from the BDE aliases.

However, because this operation copies sqlconection connection data, updating the connection doesn’t automatically refresh the values within other SQLConnection components referring to the same named connection: This editor lists, on the left side, all of the predefined connections, for a specific driver or all of them, and allows you to edit the connection properties using the grid on the right.

Here are my exact steps: All three times the execption thrown was same Windows socket error ‘requested address is not valid in its context ‘. However, for this to work, you must instruct your connection component to reload the DriverName and Params properties at run time.

However, since this operation copies the connection data, notice that updating the connection doesn’t automatically sqlcconnection the values within other SQLConnection components referring to the same named connection: This sqlcnonection what the OK button is for.


The fact that the provider is hidden is odd, because it is created as a compound component. Instead of hooking up an existing sqlconnrction, you can define a new one or see the details of the existing connections by double-clicking the SQLConnection component and launching the dbExpress Connection Editor Figure Retrieved from sqlcojnection http: For each driver, there is a set of default connection parameters.

One advantage of using connection names arises when you develop your application using one database for example, Local InterBasebut deploy it for use with another such as ORACLE.

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If you read the entire drivers. When you select a driver or a connection at design time, the values of these files are copied to corresponding properties of the SQLConnection component, as in this example: XE” and then ” I would also sqlcnonection to add that dbExperss connects to InterBase and FireBird without any problems at all.

I’m not suggesting this as the best option, but it is certainly a possibility; the predefined connections are handy, but when the data changes, you still have to manually refresh every SQLConnection component. As I mentioned earlier, of the four dataset components for dbExpress, the fundamental one is Dwlphiwhich can be used both to retrieve a dataset and to execute a command.