Of course, the ground and I met at precisely the point where the camera was resting. Auto, 80, , , , , and can be chosen. This includes the newer version of Canon’s multicontroller pad. However, one day the camera was suddenly out of power, without any previous warning, when I turned it on in the morning on a tour. In unusual cases where red-eye is not automatically detected, it can easily be corrected manually during playback mode. Specifically, two series of 8MP images.

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Exposure is fully automatic, but the user can tweak it with 2. You can also set a self-timer, at either 2, 10, or a custom-set number of seconds.

Please see Compatibility tab for compatible models.

The PowerShot SD has three basic vanon modes: Plus I love the huge LCD screen! Also available is a model with a black matte finished ring surrounding the lens.

Large x Widescreen x Medium 1 x Medium 2 x Medium 3 x Small x Chrome A grey bar will appear at the bottom of your browser window which will contain your download. In any other mode, you can enable the macro function, and the flash will work, ia it doesn’t work very well at any subject viewed up-close this isn’t surprising, as the light is focussed on the upper-left part of the frame; that’s where it’s located on the camera.


The battery is rated to produce shots, a respectable amount for a camera this size, and in practice, I found the screen to be quite easily viewable in all but the most extreme of lighting conditions. Dec 18, Optical image stabilization works great, and I recommend you keep it enabled while shooting a movie, given the small size and weight of the Canon SD IS. The Canon SD has a great slideshow mode that’s quite effective given the large screen. This results because the camera is only using a x chunk of the sensor to take the picture.

Center focus uses the center of the image as a reference for focus. But because I couldn’t get the silly thing to work reliably, Caonn found it less than useful.

Canon SD IS Review

It was really good at taking low light photographs even though it did not have IS. Authorized service center information can be obtained by visiting www. In addition to still images, the SD can record movies. It is similar to the dial on an iPod, but not as sensitive or easy to use.

Canon Powershot SD870 IS Review

Visit our network of sites: By contrast, at the wide setting 28mmimages show significant levels of all three – 1. Canon SD IS reviews. Any higher and the prints show some image softness, but should be fine if viewed at a distance.


Doing so will let you have direct control of the shutter speed, between one and 15 seconds. It’s a bit convoluted to get there. You may also like.

PowerShot SD870 IS Silver

Dec 29, Apart from that, it is a great camera. Few people keep their manual handy, and there are many menu items. Simon Joinson on the Seattle wd870. It also gains a higher resolution sensor but loses out in terms of continuous shooting speed, with the frame rate dropping from 1.

Find Supplies and Accessories About Counterfeits. We’ve changed, we promise. AE locking is also an option on the Canon SD The good news is that the original camera continues to perform like a champ AND the replacement is doing the same–without the screen blemish of its older sibling.