But it’s a proprietary battery. Shedding some light on the sources of noise. Bundles that include this product. Basically, the reason to go with the S over the S is the longer, wider lens; shooting performance and photo and video quality is about the same. The camera makes all the decisions, but you have the most options for refining those decisions. From 18mm which is really wide-angle, wider than almost anything in its class to mm which is extraordinary zoom, again farther than most in its class.

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It adjusts settings appropriately based on six common scene types. They are both very good cameras with a lot of automatic xanon options to help get the best photos without dealing with settings other than changing shooting modes.

Nothing untoward or confusing here. See Printed section below for more on how this affects prints. It would re-boot by pulling the battery, but the shot was lost.

On the back panel, the 3. In the HD p modes, a 1, x 1, pixel image will be saved.

Fair enough, but even if you purchase an extra battery for the x9100 you won’t be able to leave the spent battery charging whilst you head out and use the camera. On the other hand, if you shoot for a few weeks with no difficulties, you’re probably safe for the rest of the camera’s life.


Nikon Coolpix S9100

Prefocused shutter lag is only 0. The third great point is the size. And that makes the Coolpix S a Dave’s Pick. Nikon hasn’t included a standard mains charger in the package; instead the battery is recharged within the camera itself.

Nikon Coolpix S Review | Photography Blog

My first shots with the Coolpix S were close-ups. I printed the second one as a 5×7, cropping out a bit of the top and the left side.

There was still enough data for a superb print, which I mailed to my nephew with the longest hair. And, unlike the Canon SX series, which features a similar solution, the flash does not pop up when you power on the camera. Also, though the zoom does work when recording, the movement is picked up by the mics on top so you will hear it cankn your movies. Our next event was a ball game. Basic Specifications Full model name: And if you’re in Auto mode, you can switch to macro focus via the control pad.

I used the Effects option on the Mode Dial to select High-Contrast Monochrome reported in the Makernotes SceneAssist taga bit of a round-about way to black and white photography, but at least there’s a way. And that’s still enough resolution for a nice 5×7 and perhaps an even larger print. Probably why some folks are getting blurry photos with this camera. In single shot stills mode, a half press of the shutter release button and roughly in the time it takes to blink focus and exposure are determined.


A menu setting sets Night Landscape to either Hand-held the default or Tripod mode. Silver In stock Usually s9010 in business days.

If you like to shoot close-ups, the S has a few ways to enter Macro mode. The s also takes full HD video at a resolution of up to x pixels for breathtaking moving images. Or do you even notice?

In the digicam battle against the insurgent cellphones, image quality hasn’t been enough to turn back the tide. At 18x optical, it reaches to a barely handholdable mm from a pretty generous 25mm wide angle that can cxnon more of the room than most digicams. Great little light weight camera that makes picture taking easy. Gripping these slick little cameras is work, so much so that there are even after-market grips you can attach to some of them to make the job a little easier.

There is only one pixel of barrel distortion at wide-angle about 0. And just for fun, there are a few tricks up the Coolpix S’s sleeve, too.