When open, the notebook is clean and simple. It has an almost perfect layout and makes good use of the limited space. Battery fits flush instead of jutting out. But because they sound good even though they point directly down from the rear of the notebook! Still, things are much better after running the fan calibration, which I would recommend anyone do.

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To give some numerical comparison to other notebooks, I ran the Super Pi Benchmark. The only key that is too small is the right shift key. The speakers definitely impressed me. The 3 USB 2.

Averatec Color 3700 Bios

For low load work like typing and web-browsing, the notebook stayed very cool except a little warmth on the right side of the wireles rest. The is a great looking notebook. One little thing that is especially notable to me is that the battery slides in easy, and fits flush.

There is some flex when you averstec the keys, which is something I only notice if I purposefully mash the keys. It ran through over 10 different fan speeds, ranging from inaudible to annoyingly loud.

The bottom was warmer than the top palm rest area. Literally using it on a lap might make things heat up more because the air intake might be blocked.


Pros Attractive design Bright, overall nice screen Good use of keyboard real-estate Fairly sturdy Value! This really shows that for most common tasks like office work, web browsing, and DVD viewing, modern processors are far more than fast enough. It might be wise to use the included LCD sleeve to protect the screen when transporting this notebook.

However, it does allow an independent external monitor, while some other notebooks only allow the external monitor to mirror the LCD.

USB VID&PID 表 – 程序园

I would have preferred that the arrow keys be compacted into one row to allow for a full sized right shift, like on Apple keyboards. Included sleeve wise to use. The left side also began to heat up just wiireless. It gets commendably bright, and has good contrast and even backlighting. Compared to the previous generation, it is just a bit thicker, but has a significantly smaller footprint.

However, it never got uncomfortably hot. Time to calculate Pi to 2 million digits: Build quality is the usual averarec sturdy with a bit of flex here and there. The has a fairly large vent and an intelligent fan for keeping the CPU cool.


Windows Vista Drivers

However, mdi it switches speeds, it revs up to full speed for a second, which is a bit annoying. Perhaps a little better than most small notebooks. It is a simple white color with one piece of silver trim, and a silver bottom. But because they sound good even though they point directly down from the rear of the notebook! The screen is a basic, easy-on-the-eyes matte type. I greatly prefer this design to some notebooks which seem as if their only goal was to be thin, at the avertec of a flimsy feel, wasted space like a thick bezel around the screenand a larger footprint.

Averatec underside view larger image. Averatec left side view view larger image. Do buyers really only look at the thickness spec when searching for 3070 small notebook?

Battery fits flush instead of jutting out. With DVD playback, which heats up many notebooks significantly, the right side only got a little warmer.