The detailed log only lists the detail for jobs th that at have been processed since the AutoDoc HSE application was opened. Nothing indicates a job included a textual command form number, but no delivery was produced. Using text colour to recognise document content to achieve intelligently contextual delivery. With 4 different versions available: So, effectively, AutoDoc HSE knows to look for text of a certain colour, and when it finds it, it stores that text and can use it later.

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So, effectively, AutoDoc HSE knows to look hwe text of a certain colour, and when it finds it, it stores that text and can use it later.

If an archive path or print routing action is specified in the default form, AutoDoc HSE would produce output for this document, and it would thus appear in the main log. Note that only the pages of a document that have been processed by AutoDoc HSE to create this particular delivery are included in this tally which may vary from the total number of pages in the source document.

Reference Manual Clicking on a column heading — this rearranges the entries so they are sorted based on the values in that column. In the case of selecting multiple regions, the resultant pasted region is a single, combined region comprised of the lowest of the Left and Top values, and the highest of the Right and Bottom values, and the first text value of the rows selected. Note that records are logged printef a per-recipient basis, and the following are treated as representing different recipients for the purpose of the log: Any record in the log which has stored content associated, provides a link to that stored content.


Some useful features of the log include: Tool autodic functionality — let the mouse pointer hover over a record recor for a second or two to retrieve rpinter the log wutodoc for that record, without having to scroll across. With 4 different versions available: Each of these The AutoDoc HSE configuration consoledelivery methods is also highly configurable, allowing for a multitude of options in total.

What is AutoDoc HSE | Streamline Software

Streamline Software takes you one step closer to the paperless office — AutoDoc HSE streamlines your document delivery in an intelligently contextual manner.

Note that any errors that occur are also reported in the log. This information is very useful for troubleshooting purposes, and can also provide valuable iinformation nformation for support requests. Delivery type This column displays the nature of the record, via an icon: Under this scenario, the print aytodoc is not converted to PDF either.

The following nine records would be entered in the log: Sys tem fil es of which the l og is one can al so incl ude temporary copies of del ivered documents, as well as fil es used excl usivel y by AutoDoc HSE for its own purposes. Redefines the way applications produce and deliver documents: AutoDoc HSE is available as a trial version, from which you can request a temporary, 30 day licence for use, on the version you nominate when requesting the licence.

Streamline towards a paperless office today!

Commands are located within the printed document itself and are recognised by AutoDoc HSE on the basis of their text colour. And because, using the example, it has stored the account name of the invoice, this can be used to dynamically construct directory and file names.


Streamline Software | AutoDoc HSE

For example, adding the text 23 to the comments of the mailback printer will instruct the printer to process the job under form FIGURE 24 – a user creates a document, prints it with a mail ailback printer, which converts it to PDF and sends it via e-mail mail back to the user who printed the document. To the end user, the virtual printer is simply another printer in their list of available printers.

The text Nothing to process! And each delivery methods is highly configurable.

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AutoDoc is the all-in-one, document archive, delivery, and PDF conversion solution no business should be without. Note that you are unable to open document content auutodoc records that have been cleared from client viewers see page by the users who created the jobs. Provide a streamlined, automated Email, Fax, Print and Archive delivery system that reduces delivery and stationery costs and saves time.

See the list of features and our online presentations for more details on the functionality AutoDoc HSE can offer. This document has pages. If desired, you could configure form 23 with appropriate information for a mailback function.

This means you can add a mailback and faxback faxback function to your AutoDoc HSE printer even if you only have oneif it suits your purposes to have a copy of all outgoing ee-mail mail and fax deliveries sent to the creator.