The vertical RTF Object scrollbar appeared erroneously when a another hook procedure was installed, and b the user closed and re-opened the presentation window during authoring. URLEncode “string” This function encodes the string passed to it so that the string does not contain special characters not accepted in the parameters of a URL. This property is the text found in the Label text box. Automatic erase options apply to what was drawn and any references to IconTitle or IconID in the script function refer to the owner. Passing no arguments results in a simple beep sound.

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In this version, a dialog appears, explaining that the change will cause the line to exceed its line length limit, and the change is ignored.

We will then place the script for our function in that file: Authorware still supports its previous behavior, for backward compatibility.

For example, the frame rate of some media formats is unale by conditions at playback time such as bandwidthso there is no way to determine the frame rate for those files until after they have played.

Very Computer

For instance, if you create a script function to perform a statistical standard deviation, the jnable way to pass the numeric values to analyze would be to pass a list argument to the function. This saves you the steps of having to open an icon to place other icons inside it.


The lower left pixel of the image is reserved for the transparent color. To set the font: Keypress For keypress responses, you may also now use an expression. Among several other features intended for the new version, the ability to publish to Flash’s SWF ShockWave Flash was at the top of the list.

Z, X, C, and V. This is also corrected.

For example, the following code makes the speaker beep 10 times: They contain the icon ID and icon title of the displayed object currently under the mouse cursor. To make the text bold: When you determine that the navigate icon is set to Search using the awNavType property, you can further test the icon to determine whether the Show in Context check box is selected.

Adobe Authorware

If the caret is at an indented position, Authorware inserts the snippet with the same indentation level. For instance, you may be reading the script function from an encrypted text file, which must be decrypted before it can be used, or authprware may be retrieving the script string from a database. A script function can call other script functions, including nested script function calls calling the script function from within itself.

Authorware’s power authorwaer be even better utilized with the use of variables, functions and expressions.

In this version, the Change button does not search for text, but replaces the current selection instead. This has been fixed. From anywhere within Autgorware, you can call the script function Beep by using the following script line: For example, a code snippet could be an if-then statement, a database query, or any block of Authorware script that you want to paste into a calculation.


A script quthorware can be any standard Authorware script and can have arguments passed to it.

Macromedia Authorware – Authorware Release Notes

The CommandRefresh function is available only at authoring time. The exit calculation icon also works if you call the Quit function. After the exit calculation icon is executed, the file exits normally. CallScriptFile See External script functions. Authorware programs can be distributed as stand-alone executable files, or over the web which requires a proprietary Authorware Web Player.

lozd If Authorware can’t find the. When you determine that the navigate icon is set to Search using the awNavType property, you can further test the icon to determine the scope of the search. These properties are described later in this document. Used with motion icons only when they are set to Path to End.

Consequently, variable-aware ComboBox controls wouldn’t update themselves when setting the Value or Text property. For User U32 functions, you can use the following optional masks: