There are a number of other 3d depth relief methods with very simple glasses and code, I would suggest also creating a plugin or component that handles spectral depth with both a linear and scaled model; there are glasses available for all types including the rb and interlace types as demos from www. Submit a textpost discussion. Secondly, what monitor should I get? Well, my desk is in order then. I’m in the same boat and thought I’m the only person in the world who have ATI card and 3D television and everything set up for proper 3D gaming. I will test Deus Ex:

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There are plenty of supported devices — click here for a full list.

Available from Mashi’s Space. Im not really looking for anything to expensive, and would want it to be atleast x, infact x or x would be great.

So, for gaming I’ve only had time to play with 2D to 3D. I’m in the same boat and thought I’m the only person in the world who have ATI card and 3D television and everything set up for proper 3D gaming. Shitposts, memes, and plain box pictures are not allowed as linkposts you can still include them within normal posts or comments. L7RMar 26, For those who have heavily invested in Nvidia’s technology it might be too little too late, but AMD’s new offering introduces a number of innovations that make it worth considering — even if you think stereo 3D is just an expensive way to get a headache.


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ATI Radeon™ Drivers & Support | AMD

DetectionFeb 27, SpinelessNJOct 16, Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. So far as I’ve seen, it is.

I posted that other thread and have some updated info and a little advice that you can take as you will. Seems like a good deal and one of the few that actually work along with samsung options. Right-click on the link, select Save As, and save it in your plugins directory in your World Wind folder as a.

If AMD’s mission with HD3D is to allow us to buy 3D hardware from various different manufacturers, without us having to worry whether it will all work together, that can only be a good thing for us consumers — and might lead to more of us setting up our rigs for 3D. It configures the output for me it outputs in the 3d anaglyyph my monitor recognises and i can play pretty much any game that tridef has profiles for.

Just saw this link, and from only 4 days ago. Like rsdeon mentioned, not super “deep”, but definitely 3D.


Stereo 3D anaglyph (red/cyan glasses) plug-in – The NASA World Wind Forum

It’s pretty encouraging that AMD seems to have identified one of consumer stereoscopic 3D’s biggest problems, and the reason why so many of us have so far held back from embracing stereo 3D: It added a level of depth to everything, especially highly detailed 3D anaglyphh.

This is where the GPU renders content to one specific place in memory, known as a buffer. Log in or sign up in seconds. CairnisReedMar 1, You will need to set your resolution and follow some simple instructions on the websidte of the driver you choose.

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You can get ati 3d working easy. When it comes to three-dimensional gaming, the bulk of the stereo horsepower comes from the HD3D tai.

Videos only mentioning AMD in passing i. See more Graphics cards news.


The driver uses a quad-buffer to produce stereo 3D. Hope this helps some. But they’re expensive, and not as big as the wall I’m able to game on at p lol seriously though, if you can afford a 4k OLED, it shouldn’t even be a choice.