So I bodged together a 3. Yes it does, I marked it in bold. Registered protocol family 23 [ Before I tested it in kubuntu and windows 7 that is. What do i do next? I 88wNAP1, la conecte por usb pero la computadora no reconece el dispositivo. Normal exit 1 job run May 18

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Registered protocol family 10 [ 2. Still it really lacks consistency. Resume from disk failed. If so, you will have to remove ndiswrapper support for this device. I am going to reinstall ubuntu right away, so I will be back on zr2524 thread in about 30 minutes or so.

I’m not sure if my problem is caused because i need a newer compat wireless installation or what. MCFG area at e reserved in E [ 0. Normal exit 1 job run May 18 Can you download the Ubuntu llinux The internal chipset – not the brand of stick – makes the difference.


zdrw – Debian Wiki

First one killed connection at all, second didn’t bring any changes. You can find generic instructions on how to accomplish this here beware – this is for experienced users only as you have to change quite a few things from the example shown: You may experience problems.

I think yes, If lsusb output is Bus Device As you sound like a more experienced user I’d suggest trying a newer compat-wireless with the existing installation and switching to Processor [CPU0] supports 8 throttling states [ 1. Attached scsi generic sg1 type 5 [ 1. So I read all the thread and, at last, i made the above steps.

To get technical support quicker, please go to http: Download the attached firmware file to your desktop.

Boot video device [ 0. AppArmor Filesystem Enabled [ 1. The next thing to do was to find an old USB cable and bodge everything together. Thanks moviemaniac for your help.

January 4, at I just checked, the required firmware is not being shipped with Hi and thanks for the solution. April 23, at If you successfully connect it to a usb port, then you can use the VID: The voltage regulator, or rather, a 3. This means that the built-in wireless device seems to be out of operation, though i have the wireless button on my laptop turned on.


USB disconnect, address 3 [ If it has 0kb then the download was corrupt – I just remembered this happened to someone else before in this thread: If an ACPI driver is available for this device, you should use it instead of the native driver [ Atheros drivers tend to follow a lineage of hardware families and as they progress pick things up from one family or another and sometimes keep things the same.

If it doesn’t, follow these steps: