In this way you can communicate with every GPIB-instrument easily without the absolut need of an instrument driver. It is often possible to know when an instrument-specific event might occur. Therefore, you must explicitly set the event type to “Service Request. Asked by LaurentR LaurentR view profile. I opened the code to try to trouble shoot.

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Using Instrument Status Registers and Service Requests in LabVIEW

You surely know the GPIB-adress of your instrument and the number of agilnt bus while it can sometimes be difficult to get a correct reference. Thank you Very much. Enable registers are not cleared when queried.

However, many instruments also have instrument-specific status registers with which you can respond to measurement-specific events. Unable to complete the action because of changes made to the page. This application note focuses on IEEE The query status approach is nothing more than sending query commands to the instrument to read the instrument status wgilent. It is best to use another technique when the timing of the possible event is known.


Did you download the driver and install it?

The resulting bits are ORed together to generate a resulting summary bit. You can find all necessary SCPI-commands there and you can just send them to the instrument by using the above mentioned VI.

With command synchronization, you respond to the operation complete event. I am having a similar issue.

It is not applicable for command synchronization or checking for instrument events, such as error conditions. Learn more about our privacy policy. A successful visaa does NOT mean anything except the port itself works. Categories of Instrument Control Situations. Message 2 of I also sometimes ignore existing drivers and create my own.

Using Instrument Status Registers and Service Requests in LabVIEW – National Instruments

These transition registers can configured so that either a transition of a condition bit from a 0 to 1 or a 1 to 0 latches the associated bit in an event register. Just as we categorized the instrument control situations, it is convenient to categorize the different types of programmatic approaches you can use to handle the various situations. For example, if you are taking a multimeter measurement, an overload condition occurs only after an instrument takes a measurement.

The following examples check for instrument errors using the standard event status register:. Hope that is of any help for you.


The behavior of the message available bit differs agileng using the READ? As mentioned earlier, the use of a long timeout is simple to conceptualize and implement. See this KnowedgeBase for more information. Message 1 of vlsa Below is a list of common situations where you might need query synchronization:.

However, VISA also allows for notification of other events, such as interrupts on register-based instruments. Message 7 of Select the China site in Chinese or English for best site performance. If performance agilen a concern, you might want to minimize instrument control within the loop. As many posts have said, a timeout error can have numerous causes. While this simple write-read model is sufficient for most instrument control use cases, you can quickly run into situations where you need more control over the timing of instrument operations.