Why are desktop computers still being sold? Can my laptop Acer Aspire G change graphic card? Looks like you did all the necessary troubleshooting and from the comment posted by Killit77 i’d say it safe to rule out hardware failure. GPU card has been detected through hot plugging. I just wonder if the cpu it self are the one that set limit to the ram upgrade.

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Did you upgrade your notebook processor or it was the come in stock with the i7 qm? June 18, 7: Should a 14 year old boy own a laptop? We have different card build and different adapter as well. Now I just got my Notebook docking gtx 6gb using exp gdc v8 with dell da2 4575g. I will proceed with the 8gb sodimm and upgrade my cpu.

Acer Aspire G: Intel Core i7 Full Specification Details

Chiclet keyboard model and previous model of water lily, so there is a complete overhaul on this notebook. I’m currently using GTX ti with the latest nvidia version It seems updating to the latest nvidia driver breaks the setup. By the way, If I don’t switch off the egpu before booting up the system it will give me the garbage graphics on boot up.


So the problem is then circumventing any black bootup screen using eGPU adapter delay switches and having the eGPU appear after that delay. Your blog provided us valuable information to work on. It was the default configuration of the Laptop when I bought it.

Acer Aspire GG50Mnrs specifications

You feel like you don’t want to mess aapire bios,fine,post a request at bios-mods. Installing the latest drivers from nvidia All the contents you mentioned in post is too good and can be very useful.

Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. I need it too for install my egpu cardd my laptop acer Reboot into eGPU Setup 1. Thumbs up Buy i7 laptop in south Africa. Intel Core i7 processors on some notebooks have a value above with SSD storage, but for series notebook is not able to penetrate the average.

Could you link me also the adapter you are using?

June 18, 5: Hey burnok, regarding your sequence on connecting the egpu to work and not to crash during bios. Mine was acer aspire g. With the new graphics is expected to be able to run 3D games smoothly and not just be the braphic working machine.


Can my laptop Acer Aspire 4755G change graphic card?

Can you confirm this? Thereafter, reboot via Setup 1. Intel Core i5 and Intel Core i7 and the authors first present the current i7 dahuluyang more powerful than ever that you can see his review below.

Can i change acer aspire graphic card? Newer Post Older Post Home. Jkeychen Liew hey burnok. Once you do that and you already have the hotplug enabled you’ll be golden. Now you can try connect the egpu to your notebook with the egpu power on and turn on your notebook.

June 18, 1: Related Questions Change my laptop graphic card on a Acer Aspire g? Intel Core i7 Full Specification Details.