Snorii , Mar 11, New other see details. Apple stopped making Wi-Fi base stations. You May Also Like. Get more time to pay.

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Im running xp pro. I’m going to check local stores here to see if they macc them. After that it’s fine. I’ll try different channels tomorrow. Click here to review our site terms of use.


When I went to device manager, win me the belkin adapter was missing from the network adapters also my 2wire was also 2wire pcmcia. There is no other network in the area but i tried different channels and at least no encryption. I also installed the enabler on my MacBook C2D which didn’t have any speed issues prior to update and it didn’t change pmdia performance.

Every few weeks it dismounts so that I have to run thought the setup on the Airport. Kac XG 54mbps I didn’t mention it, but to add tagsjust click the “edit tags” text on the very bottom right side of all the list of current thread posts displayed.


2Wire 802.11b Wireless PCMCIA Gold Card

This is all with WPA2. Are you running Learn more — opens in a new window or tab. I will check another store Monday or just order it on-line.

I was getting ready to install the “n” enabler when I noticed it looked to be already installed. I asked for more info, including if he’d noticed any performance degredation from using only a single antenna, and about range, distance to the base and type of base.

I will test with encryption off and MAC filtering on, of course for security tonight. Internet speed was same as before from 2iwre SMC G router. Kris later replied that his unmounting issues may be due to that, and also that he’d not reformatted the drive from the as-shipped FAT I wish I had the cycles to debug the wireless driver if I even knew how.


It’s perfect for me. Enjoy the ultimate freedom with wireless networking! Join overother people just like you! We are not responsible for inaccurate information pmcja them. Great site and a wonderful service to the Apple community.


I mentioned some Apple TV users had mentioned losing connections in some Apple forum posts The Apple TV issue they speak of is separate, I have witnessed it disappear even over wired Ethernet. Apple Airport Extreme The DWA also worked without a hitch on the Mini running I currently have a new airport extreme base station running N mixed 2sire at 2.

To test the speed I connected one computer via ethernet to the router and a PowerBook G4 12″ Our networks will remain encrypted. I asked if the MBPro had the Formated top two as jac 0, next two as raid 0 and then mirrored the two together.

Perhaps all these folks were using USB 1?