What SilkTest call can you make to close a window using the “x” button in the upper right hand corner? How can a JFCTable column heading be clicked in order to arrange the data in according to the header? How to write to multiple columns in ActiveData with a. Prevent the exception ‘com. How can I ensure that SilkTest tests all links within my web application apart from links that I specify not to be tested? Cleaning a string of invisible characters in Silk4Net, Workbench or 4Test. How can SilkTest wait for a window to popup, where the popup time is inconsistent every time?

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[Solved] ODBC DATABASE ERROR of parameter – CodeProject

Provide an answer or move on to the next question. Application cannot be started — File not found when trying to run a test on Linux using SilkBean? microxoft

Handling IE and Firefox session dialog upon restart. Reducing the number of ‘The handle for this object has been invalidated’ error messages. How can multiple testplans be executed in sequence within SilkTest? But are you trying to connect to a database that is on a different server to the web application? Attribute filter returns inconsistent results. In Silk Test Workbench how can I move the mouse cursor relative to the desktop? Is it possible to set the extensions from the command line launcher?


How do I have Option set”s on different machines reference the same files for SilkTest?

Create and use a VB. How can I “remote test” with one Host using acceds Target Agents in one run? Is it possible to use javascript methods to return information about what is on the browser page using 4Test?

Is there an alternative to the SilkTest DisplayMessage method, which will not halt script execution?

SilkTest Workbench – Launch a bat file in a. Generating Debug Logfiles for SilkTest.


Escape character micrpsoft SilkTest to check for wildcards. How can a value be passed into a SilkTest script using Javascript? Does an advantage exist by declaring variable definitions outside a function rather than within one? Window”[1]”was not found” when enabling extensions for testing Internet Explorer with Silk Test? How to increase timeout settings for Find method in SilkTest? DRV” when trying to do remote testing.

How do you uninstall SilkTest manually? How could a “MessageBox” be determined as modal? The DTLversion Table could not be updated. How do you obtain the size of a record?


Remove From My Forums. Why do a number of methods not appear in the Intellisense autocomplete with the Silk Test editor? How can SilkTest verify text being sent back to my screen by a Telnet application? Unable to complete the Check-out of a SilkMeter mobile license or unable to see license that has been checked out. How can SilkTest convert an integer to hexadecimal format? The SilkTest recorders weren”t picking up the objects in an application? Can SilkTest call static libraries.

Does SilkTest work with the “secret code” used by many web sites for account registration? Can information be passed into an appstate?